Monday, January 14, 2013

My Supply Wish List~ (This Week)

Do you ever go to Hobby Lobby or some other craft store and just walk up and down the isles secretly wishing you would win the Publisher's Clearing House $5000/week for life.  Man I do! I think I would spend one of those weeks in Hobby Lobby filling up carts with jewelry & craft supplies. What a dream......

Now back to reality.  I would like to show you all some of the items I really want. Sometimes I'm not sure why, I just think this stuff rocks!

Vintaj Natural Brass Flourish Petal Bead Cap

This bead cap is so pretty, I can envision the jewelry I could make with a bunch of these using vintage beads...These babies are $2.99 each, so I may not be making anything major.

Sizzix - Vintaj - DecoEmboss - Moroccan Tile

Sizzix - Vintaj - DecoEmboss - Moroccan Tile $9.99

I love these emboss folders, they make the coolest jewelry pieces. I have several that I use all the time on pieces of vintage cookie tin to add a little flair.  (This one will be my next purchase!)

Enough about Vintaj items, (I could go on all day...)

I've been wanting this die for awhile. It wasn't in stock for like ever!!  I want this to package my jewelry in instead of plastic bags.  Soon you will be mine....bwaaahaaaaa!!!!!

Vintage News Tissue 4 sheets for $2.99 (The Container Store)

(Please, someone, send me a gift and put this tissue paper in it!!!)
HELMER Drawer unit on casters IKEA Slot for label on each drawer. Helps keep contents organized and easy to find.

Now granted, this is not a "supply", however I could really use all these drawers for all the little bags of beads 
and vintage jewelry pieces I have.

KASSETT Box with lid IKEA This box is perfect for storing your CDs, games, chargers or desk accessories.

KASSETT Box with lid, dark pink $3.99/ 2 pack
Anyone who knows me, knows I love these boxes & they are super cheap!  I have them in every size they make. (Mine are green and orange though). They are great for storing stuff, Hiding messes (did I say that out loud?) Ok, sometimes, I just shove everything off the top of my workbench into one of these boxes to be sorted out later.  I buy a pack (or 2 or 3) of these boxes every time I go to Ikea.

Well, that's it for my list this week.  Thanks for stopping by!!

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