Thursday, January 3, 2013

And so it begins.....

Hi my name is Hilary and this is the start of my first blog.  First off, you might want to know how to pronounce that last word in the name of my blog.  Alquina (al-qwine-a). 

So Hildegarde of Alquina came about when I was trying to pick a name for my Etsy store.  Originally I just wanted Hildegarde, but it was taken. Boo!  So I thought and thought, and came up with Hildegarde of Alquina.  No, Hildegarde is not my real name (I have been asked that more than once).  Back in the day, some bratty boys that rode my school bus started calling me that, I have no idea why, but I HATED it. They had a stupid song they sang too.  It went something like "Hildegarde ain't got no shoes...blah blah blah" (it was grade school and we are in Indiana, so yes "ain't" is used on a regular basis.) And by the way I have plenty of shoes!  
I started to come to terms with my nickname when my husband started calling me Hildegarde whenever I did something goofy, it was ok for him to make fun of me... Alquina is a small itty bitty place that I live near.  It has a four way stop, it used to have an elementary school. It has a cool name...... Hildegarde of Alquina was born!
photo courtesy of Ascension Visionary Concepts

Enough about the name, I live in rural Indiana, have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter.
photo courtesy of Ascension Visionary Concepts

I love making "stuff", one day I will be making jewelry, the next it will be reclaimed wood signs or vintage inspired stationary or whatever else strikes my fancy.  I like most anything vintage or antique, I'm really into genealogy, I like playing card games (anything except Euchre, which I believe is the official card game of Indiana) and spending time with friends and family.

My goal for my blog is to share my love of making jewelry out of reclaimed items and refashioning the old and broken into something new, making other vintage inspired items and sharing all the other things in my world that inspire me to do what I do.  Who knows what I will be writing about from day to day. I hope you enjoy my posts!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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